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    Mediworks S390L Firefly WDR Digital Meibography Slit Lamp

    Simply capture every key moment

    The Mediworks S390L Firefly is premier tower style slit lamp built with exceptional quality at an affordable price. Featuring built in digital imaging controls, crisp optics ranging from 6x-40x magnification (6x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x) on a 5 step drum, LED illumination, a full complement of filters, fixed and variable slit length/apertures and the ability to facilitate accessories such as a Goldmann tonometer.

    Mediworks S390L Brochure

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  • Canon HS-100 OCTA-2

    The OCT-HS100’s extensive automatic functions simplify and optimize examinations. A single mouse click correctly aligns and focuses on the retina to maximize scan quality. The operator then decides with a second click when the scan itself will be initiated, allowing full control over the instrument. The high scan speed of 70,000 A-scans/sec results in very short examination times, typically under two seconds – improving efficiency and resulting in a very patient-friendly experience.

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  • Tomey CASIA2 Cornea/Anterior Segment OCT

    – Testing application for Cataract / Glaucoma / Cornea Surgery
    – Glaucoma angle analysis (360°)
    – Advanced imaging with high resolution and deep scanning depth (13 mm)
    – Very fast scanning speed (50.000 A-scan/sec)
    – Corneal topography + IOL choice & calculation
    – Lens shape analysis & trend analysis
    – Phakic IOL simulation

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    Visionix “VX” Series Wavefront Diagnostic Combo Units

    The Visionix Wavefront Diagnostic Combo Units combine state-of-the-art technologies and provides essential data for an improved treatment of patients, regardless of their condition and ocular history. With fully automated measurements, the Wavefront Combo Unit is the ideal patient monitoring system for your clinic.

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    Reichert iPAC Handheld Pachymeter

    The Reichert® iPac® is the most feature-rich handheld pachymeter available. It features Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, one-button navigation, a rotating color LCD screen and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. iPac is backed by an industry leading 3-year warranty.

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    Canon TX-20P Non Contact Tonometer/Pachymeter

    A Fully Automatic, Non Contact Tonometer combined with a Pachymeter. The TX-20P is a multi-functional ophthalmic instrument that measures IOP and Central Corneal Thickness and then automatically calculates the corrected IOP.

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    Tomey RT-7000 Autorefractor/Keratometer/Topographer/Dry Eye

    The Auto Ref-Topographer RT-7000 is a 3-in-1 hybrid system consisting of an Auto Refractmeter, an Auto Keratometer and a Corneal Topographer. The most remarkable clinical applications of the RT-7000 are the “Tear Stability Analysis System (TSAS)” and the “Fourier Analysis map”. The TSAS interprets the changes of the mire rings’ distortion on an eye opened for 6 seconds as changes of its tear layer status and displays color code maps to illustrate the locations of those changes. On the other hand, the newly implemented “Fourier Analysis map” performs Fourier analysis for refractive powers at individual measurement points obtained by analyzing Mire images within the ø3 mm range and ø6 mm range, and visually and quantitatively displays the constant term (the spherical component), the first order term (the asymmetry component), the second order term (the regular astigmatism component), and the higher order terms (the higher order irregularity).

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  • Sonomed VuPad

    A new class of ophthalmic ultrasound versatility, configurable with B-scan, A-scan, UBM or any combination. Use on tabletop or attach to VESA mount. Truly outstanding image quality and elegant user interface.

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  • Tomey OA-2000 Optical Biometer – A Scan

    The Optical Biometer OA-2000 provides non-contact, non-invasive and automatic measurement of the axial length (Axial), anterior chamber depth (ACD), lens thickness(Lens) and central corneal thickness (CCT) based on fourier domain technology. The OA-2000 integrates topography by ring cone to measure radius of corneal curvature, and corneal shape

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  • Sonomed VuMax HD

    Hands down the gold standard in ophthalmic ultrasound. Unparalled UBM and B-scan image quality with Enhanced Focus Rendering™ and large ultra high resolution screen allows you to capture both crisp still images and record video that can be carefully reviewed frame-by-frame.

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  • Sonomed PacScan Plus – A Scan

    Portable, digital, combination A-Scan and Pachymeter, with a large color touch screen, on-board memory and USB interface for archiving, extreme accuracy, repeatable measurements and reliability.

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  • Reichert Tonopen AVIA with Quick Tap!

    Tono-Pen® AVIA, now with Quick-Tap™ Measurement Mode… More confidence. Less measurements. The one you trust in tonometry.

    Tono-Pen AVIA® Handheld Tonometer is always ready-to-use and calibration-free. An award-winning ergonomic design, long life battery good for thousands of measurements, statistical confidence indicator, and now Quick-Tap™ Measurement Mode, make it the most advanced Tono-Pen® yet.

    Tono-Pen AVIA builds on all the features that make the classic Tono-Pen® XL the clinicians’ choice for the past 30 years. Supported by hundreds of publications, Tono-Pen provides fast, accurate, and reliable IOP measurements that are less sensitive to corneal centration, can be taken in any position, and require minimal training.

    Tono-Pen AVIA is proudly made in the USA.

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