Visionix VX 110 Multifunction ARK

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The VX 110 is a multimodal platform, combining auto-refraction and keratometry with a Placido topographer. The VX 110 offers multiple functionalities with space saving practicality. The VX 110 offers high resolution and high accuracy more than basic refraction. This provides eye care professionals the opportunity to embrace the cornea and refractive process and deliver an easier and more complete testing procedure for clinician and patient


Maximise your customer experience with a complete refraction

  • 1 400 points points analyzed for a 7-mm diameter pupil
  • Objective refraction under mesopic and photopic conditions
  • Measures lower-order and higher-order aberrations
  • Access visual acuity and quality of vision on a pupil as small as 1.2 mm
  • MTF*curve (* Modulation Transfer function)

Consider day and night vision need

  • Objective day and night refraction measurements
  • Accurate measurements of different pupil sizes give appropriate information to provide a day refraction and a night refraction.

Empower your screening and monitoring capacities

  • Keratoconus identification and monitoring
  • Cataract identification and monitoring with lens opacity classification (LOCS II and III scales)

Increase your contact lenses capacities and reinforce your positioning as a specialist

  • Rigid contact and ortho K contact lens fitting
  • Adaptation of multifocal contact lens