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The complete retinal imaging solution

The iVue80 OCT system is a powerful clinical tool performing 80,000 A scans per second that transforms the way you assess the retina, optic disc and the cornea. iVue80 quantifies the thickness of the retina, nerve fibre layer, ganglion cell complex and the cornea. The system also tracks change and predicts trends in RNFL & GCC thickness and precisely measures angles to aid in disease diagnosis.

An ophthamic clinician and a patient look at the results of a scan on a computer monitor taken with the Optovue iScan OCT device.

A Spectral-Domain OCT for every clinical practice

The iVue80 SD-OCT is the next phase in advanced OCT product design. With a complete offering of retina, glaucoma and anterior segment scanning as standard, iVue80 is the perfect advanced, yet easy-to-use OCT for clinical practices. The streamlined user interface, small footprint and familiar slit lamp-style delivery design all contribute to fast and efficient clinical use and patient throughput.


A range of retina scans

The iVue 80 offers a range of retina scans to suit the user’s needs, these include:

Real-Time En Face
Real-time en face display provides a 12x9mm view of the retina during scan acquisition to assist the operator in scanning the desired location.

3D Retina Cube
7x7mm cube scan provides visualisation of 201 raster lines to enable in-depth analysis of retinal structures.

Radial Line
Six 12mm radial lines provide multiple views of the retina.

Retina Map
Visualise a 9x5mm area of the retina with an ETDRS reference database comparison to quickly identify areas of increased or decreased thickness.

Three retina scans taken with the Optovue iVue OCT device.

Extensive glaucoma scans

The iVue80 offers a range of glaucoma scans to suit the users’ needs these include:

3D Disc Cube
6x6mm cube scan provides visualisation of 201 raster lines to enable in-depth analysis of optic disc structures.

Ganglion Cell Complex (GCC) Analysis
The GCC thickness map allows identification and measurement of ganglion cell loss in glaucoma and Optovue’s exclusive Focal Loss Volume metric (FLV%) is the single best predictor of conversion to glaucoma.1

Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis
The nerve fiber thickness map allows visualisation and quantification of RNFL thinning in glaucoma.

Comprehensive Reports
iVue80’s GCC and RNFL analysis reports include single eye and OU reports, change analysis for visit-to-visit comparison, trend analysis to assess change over time and combo reports that display both GCC and RNFL thickness profiles for comprehensive analysis.

1. Zhang X, Loewen N, Tan O, Greenfield D, Schuman J, Varma R, Huang D. Predicting Development of Glaucomatous Visual Field Conversion Using Baseline Fourier-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography. Am J Ophthalmol. 2016 Mar; 163:29-37.


Comprehensive range of anterior scans

The iVue80 offers a range of anterior segment scans to suit the user’s needs these include:

Pachymetry & Epithelial Thickness Mapping
Visualise and quantify 6mm of epithelial, stromal and total corneal thickness to identify areas of thickening or thinning related to dry eye disease, keratoconus, or previous refractive surgery. The Change Analysis report measures changes in thickness between visits.

Vault Mapping
Visualise the fluid reservoir between the lens and cornea for precise scleral lens fitting.

Angle Scan
Assess angle structure with a quick, non-contact scan and quantify angle parameters with easy-to-use measurement tools.


Exclusive Wellness exam unique to OptoVue

The OCT Wellness scan is an Optovue exclusive that uses quick, easy OCT scan to promote better overall patient eye health. Its utility stems from a single, comprehensive report that shows retinal thickness and GCC thickness with normative comparison symmetry analysis. Eight high-resolution B scans are used and it provides FLV% and GLV%, proprietary Optovue GCC metrics to aid in glaucoma diagnosis and management.

The OCT Wellness programme benefits patients by helping them become more involved in their own eye health. The scanning process is simple and quick, and each patient receives comprehensive, personalised eye health information in an easy-to-understand report.


Add iCam12 to create the powerful iFusion80 system

Combining an iVue80 OCT with an iCam12 Fundus camera (iFusion80) combines both posterior and anterior imaging with exceptional depth, colour and resolution. Overlaying the OCT image on to the fundus photo allows for better visualisation of areas of suspected abnormalities.

Two images of the fundus, one in black and white, and one image of the front of a patient's eye.

About the iCam12

With 45° colour and red-free imaging, the iCam12 non-mydriatic fundus camera offers 12-megapixels for high-fidelity colour saturation. Its multi-visit view provides visit-to-visit comparison. A three-colour display offers varying perspectives of the fundus, while the ‘emboss’ feature creates a 3D-like view. An overlay feature superimposes OCT images onto the fundus photo and external colour photography documents conditions of the ocular surface.