Visionix VX 130+ Multifunction ARK

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Succeed in all your diagnostics : Glaucoma and keratoconus detection, identification of patients for cataract surgery with premium and/or toric implants, identification of patients for refractive surgery. The VX 130+ combines state-of-the-art technologies and provides essential data for optimal patient eye care. The VX 130+ is the ideal patient monitoring system


A device for you to take care of the visual health of all your patients.

  • You will improve your daily practice
  • You will provide better service and create differentiation
  • You will have more patients and have the opportunity to sell night glasses
  • You will receive more trust and an enhanced reputation

Mass screening

  • Easily screen all patients
  • Delegate a fully automated exam
  • Review all the data via remote access
  • Reduce the number of separate exams to one instead of 4 or 5

Cataract outcomes

  • Increase your efficiency and improve your surgery outcomes using the posterior keratometry of the cornea in your IOL calculation
  • Check the correct IOL positioning after surgery
  • Avoid decentration using the Kappa Angle

Corneal screening

  • Detect and monitor keratoconus either by KPI or RMS Value
  • Validate candidates for refractive surgery trough
  • Corneal thickness
  • Kappa Angle
  • Posterior keratometry of the cornea
  • Visualize and monitor cross linking
  • Adapt easily in one step rigid contact lens and ortho k

Glaucoma monitoring

  • Check and monitor Irido Angle
  • Check and monitor ACD and ACD Volume
  • Check and monitor IOP and IOP corrected by pachy
  • Plan for laser treatment and/or surgery on time

Refractive surgery

  • Objective day and night refraction
  • Analyze visual acuity and quality of vision on a pupil as small as 1.2 mm

Contact lens adaptation

  • Easily adapt rigid contact lenses and ortho-k lenses in a single step
  • Meridian or sagittal table including eccentricity and axial topo maps