• Canon HS-100 OCTA-2

    The OCT-HS100’s extensive automatic functions simplify and optimize examinations. A single mouse click correctly aligns and focuses on the retina to maximize scan quality. The operator then decides with a second click when the scan itself will be initiated, allowing full control over the instrument. The high scan speed of 70,000 A-scans/sec results in very short examination times, typically under two seconds – improving efficiency and resulting in a very patient-friendly experience.

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  • Tomey CASIA2 Cornea/Anterior Segment OCT

    – Testing application for Cataract / Glaucoma / Cornea Surgery
    – Glaucoma angle analysis (360°)
    – Advanced imaging with high resolution and deep scanning depth (13 mm)
    – Very fast scanning speed (50.000 A-scan/sec)
    – Corneal topography + IOL choice & calculation
    – Lens shape analysis & trend analysis
    – Phakic IOL simulation

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