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    Visionix “VX” Series Wavefront Diagnostic Combo Units

    The Visionix Wavefront Diagnostic Combo Units combine state-of-the-art technologies and provides essential data for an improved treatment of patients, regardless of their condition and ocular history. With fully automated measurements, the Wavefront Combo Unit is the ideal patient monitoring system for your clinic.

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    Tomey RT-7000 Autorefractor/Keratometer/Topographer/Dry Eye

    The Auto Ref-Topographer RT-7000 is a 3-in-1 hybrid system consisting of an Auto Refractmeter, an Auto Keratometer and a Corneal Topographer. The most remarkable clinical applications of the RT-7000 are the “Tear Stability Analysis System (TSAS)” and the “Fourier Analysis map”. The TSAS interprets the changes of the mire rings’ distortion on an eye opened for 6 seconds as changes of its tear layer status and displays color code maps to illustrate the locations of those changes. On the other hand, the newly implemented “Fourier Analysis map” performs Fourier analysis for refractive powers at individual measurement points obtained by analyzing Mire images within the ø3 mm range and ø6 mm range, and visually and quantitatively displays the constant term (the spherical component), the first order term (the asymmetry component), the second order term (the regular astigmatism component), and the higher order terms (the higher order irregularity).

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  • Tomey TMS-5 Corneal Topographer

    THE TOMEY TMS-5 SCHEIMPFLUG & TOPOGRAPHER Precise Analysis: Topography and Scheimpflug technologies have advantages and disadvantages in the accuracy of the images due to their principles of acquisition. By merging and verifying both acquired data the TMS-5 eliminates the disadvantages and artefacts of each particular technology and provides a topography map of highest precision. QUALITY IN DETAIL Light condition independent measurement analysis

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  • Tomey TMS-4N Corneal Topographer

    The TMS-4N guarantees high resolution with more than 60,000 data points. In addition the very short acquisition time (0.033 sec) assures you to get sharpest images for highest accuracy. The light cone – with our light cone you get perfect results thanks to eliminating the eyebrow
    and nose shadows.

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