Tomey RT-7000 Autorefractor/Keratometer/Topographer/Dry Eye

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The Auto Ref-Topographer RT-7000 is a 3-in-1 hybrid system consisting of an Auto Refractmeter, an Auto Keratometer and a Corneal Topographer. The most remarkable clinical applications of the RT-7000 are the “Tear Stability Analysis System (TSAS)” and the “Fourier Analysis map”. The TSAS interprets the changes of the mire rings’ distortion on an eye opened for 6 seconds as changes of its tear layer status and displays color code maps to illustrate the locations of those changes. On the other hand, the newly implemented “Fourier Analysis map” performs Fourier analysis for refractive powers at individual measurement points obtained by analyzing Mire images within the ø3 mm range and ø6 mm range, and visually and quantitatively displays the constant term (the spherical component), the first order term (the asymmetry component), the second order term (the regular astigmatism component), and the higher order terms (the higher order irregularity).

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A unique combination of Topography, autorefraction, Kerato-metry and TSaS (tear stability analysis system) in one – multi diagnostic replaces four devices with all their functions. The compactness of this instrument is its strength. it is therefore a perfect space and cost saving solution for you. highly accurate measurements combined with the short examination time and easy handling makes working with the RT-7000 professional
and quick.

Colour touch screen

The 6.4 inch coloured touch screen is used as operating monitor as well as for displaying all measured values. You can even move the unit in all directions by simply touching the screen. All commands can be done via touch screen. Auto alignment + auto shot The handling of the RT-7000
is very easy – it does almost every- thing by itself. Alignment and measurement are done automatically. You just roughly align the system towards the patient eye and the rest is taken care of by the instrument.

Tear stability analysis system

Tear stability analysis system for analysing the tear film stability by using the light cone system in the RT-7000. That offers you several
measurement and analysing functions to detect patients with dry eye indication.

Pupil + cornea ø measurement

Once you have captured your patients eye you can set the pupil and cornea measurement bars to measure the individual diameter. Topography indices KRI + KAI for immediate understanding of the cornea topographic structure we have implemented the topographic indices Kai (Kerato-asymetry index) and KRi (Kerato-Regularity index). These values are highlighted in colour (green = normal, yellow = suspect, red = abnormal) to
provide you a quick information about the corneal structure behaviour.