Tomey TMS-5 Corneal Topographer

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THE TOMEY TMS-5 SCHEIMPFLUG & TOPOGRAPHER Precise Analysis: Topography and Scheimpflug technologies have advantages and disadvantages in the accuracy of the images due to their principles of acquisition. By merging and verifying both acquired data the TMS-5 eliminates the disadvantages and artefacts of each particular technology and provides a topography map of highest precision. QUALITY IN DETAIL Light condition independent measurement analysis

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The Topographic Modeling System TMS-5 is a hybrid anterior segment analyzing system consisting of a Placido ring topographer “TMS” and a 3D Scheimpflug camera. The TMS-5 is indicated for cross sectional imaging of anterior segment components of the human eye such as the anterior and posterior surface of the cornea and the anterior chamber, and also for dimension measurements of these such as curvature, length and area by computed analysis. The prominent features of the TMS-5 are the high speed Scheimpflug camera that takes only 1.0 sec. /exam, which can be very beneficial in preventing motion artifacts, and a high speed computer processing algorithm that reduces the time it takes to delineate the images.