Visionix VX 22 Digital Acuity Chart

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The VX 22 LCD display, with its 23.6” size is available in 3 versions non polarized, linear polarized and circular polarized thus adaptable for any request and use of each country. This screen has been designed for optimal results in the exam room thanks to its ergonomic design, streamlined style, and the large number of tests included.


Flexible reading distance

The reading distance can be selected between 2 and 8 meters, or in mirror mode for small spaces. The chart size can then be reduced or enlarged depending on the reading distance to maintain the same visual angle.

Large choice of options

VX 22-CP top-of-the-range circular polarized screen
Thanks to its circular polarized screen, the tests useful for binocular and stereoscopic vision can perfectly block out one eye in order to test the other regardless of the patient’s position.

VX 22-LP linear polarized screen
This device features a linear polarisation to test binocular and stereoscopic vision allowing a perfect dissociation of the right eye/left eye. This offers the ability to proceed with many other tests with optimal quality for the exam of bi-ocular, binocular, and stereoscopic vision.

VX 22-NP entry-range non polarized screen
This product offers a wide range of tests : charts and colour vision test. With full features and highly ergonomic, this unit is as simple to use as a chart.

Fully compatible

The chart display can be synchronized with the Visionix binocular dynamic eye exam Eye Refract and Visionix automatic phoropter VX 65 through optional cables or WiFi. Once synchronized changing the charts is possible thanks to the VX 65 remote panel or Eye Refract tablet.