Insight Medical 20/20 Vision Digital Acuity Chart Package

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Replace all your charts and tests with one easy-to-use visual acuity testing product! With tests ranging from customizable, randomized acuity charts to complex visual diagnostic tests, 20/20 Vision is suitable for optometry, ophthalmology, and clinical research alike. 20/20 Vision includes extremely powerful media playback features as well, with the capability to upload 1TB of your own videos you can choose to play videos for fixation, education, or even marketing purposes. The intuitive remote control provides comprehensive access to features without confusing key combinations or sequences. All charts have dedicated buttons, conveniently color-coded for quick access.

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Finally, an easy to use system with no compromises. It’s all in there.

The most complete acuity system on the market is also the most affordable! Replace your aging projection systems with the ultra modern acuity testing system by Canela Software. You will find your new acuity testing system to be easy to use and powerful enough to tackle your day to day testing needs Our technology runs on Macintosh and Windows based computers with feature parity. Get the tool thousands of private practices, researchers, universities, governments, and ophthalmic manufacturers use to accurately test refraction, astigmatism, binocular vision, contrast sensitivity, disparities, and more.

Features of the 20/20 Acuity System:

  • Easy to navigate colour coded remote control
  • Cable free installation
  • Acuity Optotypes: Snellen, Allen, HOTV, Numbers, Lower Case, Tumbling E’s, Concentric C’s, and more!
  • Flexibility: You’re in control. Customize the chart to your exact desires down to the line spacing, notation placement, and what optotypes show on screen.
  • Connects with iPads for digital handheld colour and stereo testing.
  • 1TB of storage allows the user to easily upload marketing, paediatric, and patient education photos and videos.
  • Connects to the Reichert VRX Digital Refraction System.
  • Optional piece of mind 3 year warranty.