Yeasn SLY-100 Vision Tester

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Direct from the manufacturers of the Essilor MPH 150, and the Nidek SLY 100, comes an all-inclusive instrument for those who look for an efficient solution for their refraction room.

  • Extensive range of lenses and filters to guarantee quality refractions in far and near vision
  • Tilt mechanism allowing easy optical axes convergence for near vision exam
  • Flexible and qualitative mechanical design
  • Rapid advance of lenses through a simple knob with automatic driving of the discs
  • Easy installation on the self-balancing arm of the column or on a wall-mounted arm
  • Description


Built-in auxiliary Lens with comprehensive visual function examination.

First-class Feel

Precise socket design with clear location feedback of every movement.

Multilayer coating, to reduce reflection and improve visual comfort.

Cross optical lens and accurate color filter lens.

Unique butterfly appearance, dazzling handle wheel, exquisite workmanship and comfortable feel.

All optical lenses adopt advanced coating process.

Accurate location when overturning cross cylinders.

Comprehensive visual function examination and precise and convenient measurement.

3 Year Warranty