K2 Tables – Two Instrument Wheelchair Accessible Table (Kidney Shaped)

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K2 Tables are designed with proprietary adaptable and interchangeable features. A single K2 Table can be assembled in a variety of different ways to meet the requirements of virtually any instrument, or group of instruments. This concept, known as Adaptive Column Positioning (ACP Technology), brings unprecedented benefit to our customers.

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Thank you for your interest in our distinctive line of instrument tables. K2 Tables is a division of 20/20 Medical Systems, Inc., headquartered in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA. The mission of 20/20 Medical Systems is to produce electrically height adjustable tables (K2 Tables) that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. The intended application of K2 Tables is to provide a platform that is easily adaptable for use with medical and scientific instrumentation. Strict quality controls are enforced during the manufacturing of our tables to provide you with years of reliable service.