Canon CR-2 Plus AF Digital Retinal Camera with FAF

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Canon’s new CR-2 PLUS AF Digital Retinal Camera with Fundus Auto Fluorescence provides a number of important new enhancements beyond more traditional color retinal photographic systems. Designed to help you consistently capture and analyze retinal images – quickly, effectively and automatically – this camera provides a remarkable set of advanced features

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Allows automatic switching from the external eye to retinal observation mode. Auto-Focus with Manual Alignment Override Automatically focus the eye by partially depressing the joystick – or easily switch to manual focus with a twist of the focus ring.


Integrated Canon EOS 80D 24MP digital camera with Canon lens technology automatically captures the image when the eye is properly focused.

Image Error Detection

Intelligent software automatically confirms correct alignment and focus. Enhanced Visibility During Alignment Big and bright working dots allow for easy patient alignment.

Quick Preview

Image preview on the EOS camera and computer display at the time of capture confirms image
details before image store and forward.

Anterior Segment Compensator

With a flip of a switch, the integrated diopter compensator simplifies anterior photos
without having to reposition the patient.

Digital non-mydriatic retinal camera.

The Canon CR-2 PLUS AF Digital Retinal Camera is designed to help you consistently capture and analyze truly superb images—quickly, efficiently, and automatically.

Designed around the legendary Canon EOS optics and advanced CMOS image capture technology, the CR-2 PLUS AF Digital Retinal Camera provides a remarkable set of advanced features specifically designed to enhance, capture, and analyze all fundus images such as fundus autoflourescence(FAF) screening.

Why FAF?

Fundus autofluorescence is a technology that was developed to assess age-related macular degeneration in populations over the age of 50-55. Any protein leaks in small vessels will show up under autofluorescence as the retinas are illuminated from the back by a very bright light, illuminating a substance called lipofuscin, a mixture of autofluorescent pigments that accumulate in the RPE (retinal pigment epithelium). Very subtle metabolic changes appear and let the doctor and his team see problem areas before they are problems.