Briot Emotion 2

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Powerful simplicity

The Briot Emotion 2 is an all-in-one edging system that includes tracing, blocking, edging, grooving and drilling in a single unit. With the Emotion 2 the perfect fit is possible.



With Gravitech®-powered tracing, you can easily scan a demo lens in a few seconds with accuracy that is superior to a mechanical tracer.

Drill mounts made easy

Never before has it been easier to do drill mount work. With Gravitech®, you don‘t have to waste time manually programming drill-mounts. Just scan the demo lens, and the drill mount holes are instantly recognized with minimal adjustment needed.

No demo lens? No problem

The Emotion 2 comes equipped with a mechanical tracer for when a demo lens is not available.

Easily see lens markings and engravings

With its high definition optical camera, the Emotion 2 makes sure you will see laser engravings on progressive lenses clearly and easily.

Tilted 10° drilling and grooving

Add rimless and semi-rimless eyewear options without having to break the bank. With the Emotion 2, you can kick those costly lab bills to the curb.