Tomey MR-6000 6-in-1 Multifunction Unit With Dry Eye Analysis

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What results from years of dedication, research, and development? The Tomey MR-6000 6-in-1 Multifunction unit. The MR-6000 is the most advanced multifunction unit available today featuring six different products in one streamlined easy to use machine. Experience hands free fully automated Refraction, Keratometry, Tonometry, Pachymetry, Topography, and 4 different Dry Eye analysis tools all at the single touch of a button.


Advantages of the Tomey MR-6000:

  • Easy operation: Auto alignment and a familiar user interface
  • Space saving: Six systems in one device
  • Time saving: Change between the different modes in less than 3 seconds
  • High accuracy: Combined data of different measurements for precise results (e.g. Tono + Pachy)
  • Improved features: Softest air puff control and enhanced refraction functionality.
  • Complete dry eye analysis: Combination of 4 different measurements including Meibography, Blink Frequency, Hyperamia, and Tear Film Height.