Mediworks Firefly Universal Anterior Segment Module

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Simple Design + Simple Operation
The Firefly was largely inspired from the shape of firefly. This smart design saves significant space and weight  for doctors thanks to the built in camera when compared to other anterior segment solutions available today. Firefly comes with a wide range of preset camera setups so the user can quickly take beautiful anterior segment images right out of the box without the need to adjust parameters. Firefly is one of a kind being widely compatible with almost all slit lamps available on the market today, for a full list of compatible models see below.

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Mediworks Firefly is compatible on the following slit lamps:

  • Burton SL-3MH, and SL-3MZ
  • CSO SL Elite and SL 990N
  • Essilor S300, S350, S400, and S450
  • Haag-Streit BQ 900
  • Inami L-0187, L-0189, L-0229, and L-0240
  • Keeler SL-K, and SL-Z
  • Marco Ultra G5
  • Mediworks S280, S260/260S, S350/S350S, S360/S360S, and S390
  • Nidek SL-1600, and SL-1800
  • Reichert Xcel 200, 255, 400, 455, and 700
  • S4 Optik SL-H3, SL-H5, SL Z3, SL Z5, and SL Elite Series
  • Topcon SL-2G, SL-D2, SL-D4, and SL-D5
  • Woodlyn HR3, and HR5
  • Zeiss 30 SL