Ezer ERU-3600 Refraction Unit

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Features of the ERU-3600 Refraction Unit

▪ Adopt European style in appearance designing
▪ Accommodates Two Instruments on Table
▪ Two Control Panels
▪ Projector Arm and Socket
▪ Phoropter Arm
▪ Light Source
▪ Rotating/Reclining Chair
▪ Sliding Tables Horizontally
▪ Table Rotation
▪ Charger for handles


  • Description


Accommodates Two Instruments on Table
The ERU-3600 allows you to conveniently operate two ophthalmic instruments on the table, allowing for greater flexibility. The table is high-quality, providing exceptional features.
Two Control Panels
The control panels features soft touch switches and is very easy to operate. The panels features a main switch and up and down switch for the chair, a light source switch, as well as the projector switch.
Projector Arm and Socket
A fixed socket on the upper part of the post supplies power to the projector. For your convenience, power is controlled directly from the control panel.
Phoropter Arm
Fine movements for ideal positioning are possible with the smartly designed phoropter arm. The ERU-3600 has a socket for adjusting the height of the patient with the phoropter.
Light Source
A light source is conveniently powered on and off directly at the control panel.
refraction unit eru-3600 ezer - us ophthalmic
Rotating/Reclining Chair
The ERU-3600 chair provides you with all of the movement and functionality you might need during your vision exam. The chair features elevation and can be rotated horizontally to an angle of 90°. It also revolves and reclines to 160° and pillow could be adjusted according to height of people. Reclining Chair can smoothly lift up and down, forward and backward with low noise. In addition, it features a foot rest, head rest and arm rests.
Sliding Tables Horizontally
The table is movable and can slide. Once in place, simply lock the table and begin testing. The table can be rotated horizontally to an angle of 90°.
Charger for handles
Charger is for nickel ion handles only.
refraction unit eru-3600 ezer - us ophthalmic
refraction units eru-3600