Burton XL-4000 Instrument Stand

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The Burton XL-4000S is a traditional stand with innovative operation. It includes multiple instrument wells, variable overhead light, and adjustable instrument arm to aid in a comfortable exam for both patients and practitioners. The electric slit lamp arm provides smooth operation and a comfortable patient experience without the worry of hydraulic fluid leaks. Additionally, the modular slit lamp arm allows for easy installation and maintenance. Chair and BIO controls on the instrument console as well as chair controls on the slit lamp arm provide ultimate convenience.

  • Description


  • Motorized, adjustable instrument arm
  • Quiet, smooth electrical operation
  • Arm & chair adjustment switch located on arm to facilitate wheel chair patients
  • Modular slit lamp arm for easy maintenance
  • Instrument wells with charge indicator
  • Variable overhead lamp
  • Built in dimmer control for BIO
  • BIO power binding posts