• Canon CX-1 Digital Mydriatic and Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

    The CX-1 is Canon’s first fully hybrid digital retinal camera with both mydriatic and non-mydriatic modes. With one-touch, the operator can automatically switch between mydriatic and non-mydriatic modes, effortlessly utilizing different functions within seconds and performing several concurrent ocular tests.

    The Canon CX-1 allows the user to take one-shot FAF (Fundus Autofluorescence) photography, in a standard configuration, for both mydriatic and non-mydriatic modes. Detecting Autofluorescence of the retina is an important indication of the retina’s health. Using the non-mydriatic mode not only saves time and resources, it also can make the diagnostic procedure more comfortable for the patient.

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  • Canon CF-1 Digital Mydriatic Retinal Camera

    The CF-1 Digital Mydriatic Retinal Camera is easy to use and efficient for both doctor and photographer. When used with a Canon EOS® digital SLR camera (sold separately), users can enjoy renowned Canon optical technology for superb imaging quality. User-friendly control software helps to ensure efficient workflow, potentially resulting in increased patient throughput. The CF-1 Digital Mydriatic Retinal Camera provides high-resolution color, red free, and fluorescein angiography imaging performance and heightened efficiency for eyecare professionals.

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